Parts that are considered “Beyond Economical Repair”. A majority of companies have BER parts taking up resources and shelf space that are not generating income.

Don’t scrap your BER product. Consign it to Optical Display Engineering and let us turn it into cash for you.

There is zero cost or risk for our members. We maintain the network, market and sell your parts, keep a percentage of the sale and send you a check.

Consign ODE your BER Inventory.

Send us a spreadsheet of your BER part numbers.

We will upload your products into our database.

ODE will match parts and arrange for an MRO to build a serviceable overhauled unit from the parts with certificates and trace.

We will then market and sell the serviced unit and share the proceeds between all the involved parties.

You will also have the ability to leverage our database to view other members BER products to build a complete unit for yourselves using other members parts.

Take Advantage of our Expertise

Benefits of the Program

  • Large database of products and pricing.
  • Leading network of MRO facilities and their repair capabilities.
  • International, Commercial and Military distribution network.
  • True “Plug & Play” system, send us your list, we do the rest.
  • Zero cost to members to participate.